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Written and Co-Produced by Elizabeth


Imagining Vera

A tormented woman seeks help from her one-time ally and clinician. As a perceived threat, Vera is on the run from those who would suppress her. But what exactly is she trying to escape - her past, her future, or her present?

Winner of the ABQ 48 Hour Film Festival. Written and co-produced by Elizabeth, Directed and co-produced by Lauren Myers, Starring Katie Becker Colón, Frank T. Green, Amelia Ampuero, and Ezra Colón. Music by Le Chat Lunatique.


Pinky Promise poster

Two co-workers of different ethnicities discover something new about each other at an office party.

Best Short Script (Elizabeth) - Cinemagnifico. Best Director (Catharine E. Jones, as Catharine Pilafas) - Different Faces Different Voices Film Festival. Written and co-produced by Elizabeth. Full credits available on IMDB.

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